Rules of 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a very popular game which is played all around the world. You can compete with millions of people who are there to beat you with the stick. You can play this game on both single and double player mode. The game starts with 16 balls one cue ball and 15 object balls. All you have to do is pocket the ball. Though it may sound easy, it is very difficult when it comes to playing it as video games. Because playing a motion sensor game is quite difficult for a beginner. Once you start playing, you will achieve more degree of concentration, skill, and tactics. So let’s see what the rules of 8 Ball Pool game are.

Rules of this game

Equipment and players: There will be a table available in the game which can be of various sizes. The game has 16 balls which comprise of 7 types of striped balls, 7 type of solid was, cue balls which are white and only one black ball.

Aiming: When you will aim in this game, you will have to do it quickly because there will be a clock that will track the time. If you consume a lot of time in one shot, then you can miss the other one. So always make it up a quick shot.You can also use the aim option which will help you as a guide during the initial stages.

Object: 8 ball pool is known as a pocket game for billiards. So for winning the game, you should legally put all the 8 balls into the pocket.

Break: The player who will break during the first match will be chosen randomly, and then all the players will be selected according to turn.

Racing: As all the 15 balls will be arranged in a shape of a triangle so there will be a ball in the foremost position. The rest of the ball will be randomly placed.

Matches: It takes a lot of dedication and skills for becoming a skilled player in this game. But at first, you will need to learn all the rules of this game. You can play the game against one player all you can play with other players as well as in tournaments. If you want more challenges, then you can try that tournament. For this, you will have to click on the screen where the tournament option is available. But if you want to play a one on one match, then you will have to put some more coins for unlocking new locations.

Currency: Every game has their currency or resources. This game has two different types of currency one is the pool cash, and the other is the pool coins. Pool coins are the main currency of this game, and you can easily use them for joining this game as well as buy more pool cues, chat packs and table patterns. You can open the pool cash by purchasing from the pool shop, and it can help you to buy some more table patterns and cues. You can easily obtain these coins with the spinning wheel where you can get near about 50000 coins, 8 lucky cues, and scratch cards. You can also earn more coins after 30 minutes just by using a cheat tool or the like, I did it and I got 8 ball pool coins easily.

You can also try the 8 ball pool cheats for easily winning some of the beginner levels. But you need a proper strategy to win the game. Because cheats can only help you to get more resources but spend them in the right way will depend on the player.