Everything you need to know about the popular game Clash of Clans

The most popular video game Clash of Clans has been garnering fans all over the world each passing day. It has all the reasons to top the charts for its great qualities in terms of gameplay, strategies, and animation. Currently, the Clash of Clans video game is the highly rated and maximum downloaded freemium mobile strategy video game. The Finnish game developers, Supercell has never failed to surprise their fans with some great video games. However, the Clash of Clans has taken the cake. It is more like a cherry on the top.

Clash of Clans was first released on iOS in August 2012 and by the end of next year, the video game was released in Android. The game is playable both on single player and multi-player mode. This video game did not take much time to get popular, for it is mainly based on strategies, which is very intriguing. It keeps a gamer hooked on it and want more. It has all the reasons for a gamer to invest a portion of their time to this video game.


The Clash of Clans video game is set in a fantasythemed, PSW or the persistent world. Meaning, it is a virtual world, which continues to exist and develop internally even when no one is there to interact.


A gamer who is the main layer on his device is the chief of a village. This game gives tasks to players to complete the game. It includes building one’s own town using the resources that one collects from attacking other players through the games warfighting features. The primary task of the players is to defend their villages and attack the opponent in wars, to gain resources that will eventually help build a village.


The primary resources of Clash of Clans are Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and the Gems.

Gold Elixir: The Gold elixirs are used for building and reloading defenses. For, it will aid to protect the player from being attacked by other players.

Elixir: An Elixir too has similar properties and is powerful when combined with Gold to defend and reload defenses.

Dark Elixir: The Dark Elixir, along with the Elixir is used to train troops and spells, also upgrading them when needed.

Gems: Gems are the premium currency in the game of Clash of Clans. These gems are used to make transactions in the game for any kind of upgrading and buying and can be acquired by using clash of clans cheats.


The gameplay for the Clash of Clans mainly involves five primary aspects. They are classified as Buildings, Troops & Spells, Clans & Clans War, Builder Base and Clan Games & Magic Items.

Buildings: The buildings are virtually built in the village to store the different kinds of resources that a clan collects from Clan Wars. Each resource has their own building where it is kept.

Troops & Spells: Clash of Clans has two kinds of barracks and two kinds of spell factories. They are the Barracks, Dark Barracks, the Spell factory and the Dark Spell factory. The spell factories create the spells while the barracks create troops.

Clans & Clans War: Groups of player join forces and attack on enemy territory. In addition, they also make use of their joined forces to defend their territory from enemy attacks.

Builder Base: In this mode, players can sail to a new island and create a brand new village with different sets of buildings. This mode is mainly for single player face-offs when both attack each other’s bases.

Clan Games & Magic Items: Clan games refer to the clan members working together to complete tasks and earn clan point on a weekly basis. Magic Items, a mode used to enhance certain aspects of a players village. It is obtained as rewards from clan games.

This is everything that goes behind the game. One needs to play it strategically and place their troops in proper places. Use the resources available wisely and make a good village out of it.