Emotes which are used in Clash Royale

Emotes makes the game more interesting for the players. If you are playing Clash Royale game, there will be certain emotes that will appear on your screen, and you should know what it stands for. Clash Royale is a very popular game developed by the supercell that has developed Clash of Clans. There are various things which make the game an addictive one. If you start playing this game within some minutes, you will realize how addictive it is, and for playing this game, you need to strategize properly and not spend your resources in the beginning. So let’s look into what are the emotes which will appear on your screen.

Emotes used in this game – Best clash royale tips

Thumbs: Whenever this emotes will appear then it will be a positive sign which will indicate that it is a great move. It may also indicate that the clan mates are respecting you and telling you that you are one of there are good friends.

Angry: This angry emote will also have some signs which will show how disappointing the game was and if a player is not giving their full potential.

Crying: Crying will indicate a sad face which will indicate a terrible performance.

Laughing: Whenever you will give an unexpected and hilarious performance, this will appear. It will indicate that the outcome was quite unusual and you both were unable to do anything other than laugh.

Good luck: This emotes before the beginning of the game. And it also shows a very positive sign from both the teams where they indicate that they are playing the game for having fun. And sometimes it can also be a challenge of beating the other opponent.

Well played: Whenever you will skillfully play the game then this emotes will acknowledge the prowess and indicate that everyone is impressed.

Wow: An amazing game will make this emote appear on your screen. Sometimes it also indicates some negative comments if your opponent is telling that you were lucky enough to win this game because you didn’t deserve to win.

Thanks: This emote indicates that they appreciate your civility and decorum. It indicates that you are a good person. And sometimes the opponent also use that emote when you lose the game, so they indicate that they are thankful that you have lost yourself.

Good game: Whenever the two players enjoy the game this emote will appear. An intense match can also make this emote to appear. Sometimes opponent sends the emote to show that they have won the game.

Oops: Whenever you will be making a bad decision, then this emote will appear.

These will help you to communicate in Clash Royale. But what makes this game more interesting is a tough competitor. Try to participate in more chests for earning resources to go further in this game. And up gradation is the only way to win over your opponent.