Everything you need to know about the popular game Clash of Clans

The most popular video game Clash of Clans has been garnering fans all over the world each passing day. It has all the reasons to top the charts for its great qualities in terms of gameplay, strategies, and animation. Currently, the Clash of Clans video game is the highly rated and maximum downloaded freemium mobile strategy video game. The Finnish game developers, Supercell has never failed to surprise their fans with some great video games. However, the Clash of Clans has taken the cake. It is more like a cherry on the top.

Clash of Clans was first released on iOS in August 2012 and by the end of next year, the video game was released in Android. The game is playable both on single player and multi-player mode. This video game did not take much time to get popular, for it is mainly based on strategies, which is very intriguing. It keeps a gamer hooked on it and want more. It has all the reasons for a gamer to invest a portion of their time to this video game.


The Clash of Clans video game is set in a fantasythemed, PSW or the persistent world. Meaning, it is a virtual world, which continues to exist and develop internally even when no one is there to interact.


A gamer who is the main layer on his device is the chief of a village. This game gives tasks to players to complete the game. It includes building one’s own town using the resources that one collects from attacking other players through the games warfighting features. The primary task of the players is to defend their villages and attack the opponent in wars, to gain resources that will eventually help build a village.


The primary resources of Clash of Clans are Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and the Gems.

Gold Elixir: The Gold elixirs are used for building and reloading defenses. For, it will aid to protect the player from being attacked by other players.

Elixir: An Elixir too has similar properties and is powerful when combined with Gold to defend and reload defenses.

Dark Elixir: The Dark Elixir, along with the Elixir is used to train troops and spells, also upgrading them when needed.

Gems: Gems are the premium currency in the game of Clash of Clans. These gems are used to make transactions in the game for any kind of upgrading and buying and can be acquired by using clash of clans cheats.


The gameplay for the Clash of Clans mainly involves five primary aspects. They are classified as Buildings, Troops & Spells, Clans & Clans War, Builder Base and Clan Games & Magic Items.

Buildings: The buildings are virtually built in the village to store the different kinds of resources that a clan collects from Clan Wars. Each resource has their own building where it is kept.

Troops & Spells: Clash of Clans has two kinds of barracks and two kinds of spell factories. They are the Barracks, Dark Barracks, the Spell factory and the Dark Spell factory. The spell factories create the spells while the barracks create troops.

Clans & Clans War: Groups of player join forces and attack on enemy territory. In addition, they also make use of their joined forces to defend their territory from enemy attacks.

Builder Base: In this mode, players can sail to a new island and create a brand new village with different sets of buildings. This mode is mainly for single player face-offs when both attack each other’s bases.

Clan Games & Magic Items: Clan games refer to the clan members working together to complete tasks and earn clan point on a weekly basis. Magic Items, a mode used to enhance certain aspects of a players village. It is obtained as rewards from clan games.

This is everything that goes behind the game. One needs to play it strategically and place their troops in proper places. Use the resources available wisely and make a good village out of it.

Everything you need to know about Guns of Boom: Gameplay and cheats

Shooting video games have always been a pleasure to play. Gamers have various reasons to play the game. Believe it or not, playing a shooting video game has always released one from stress. For, all your frustrations are centered to the game where you are shooting your opponents and not being slapped with criminalization. Cool, right. Let us move on to the online video game, Guns of Boom. The name itself speaks for the game. It is one helluva quirky game.

Introduction to Guns of Boom

This game is an online, multiplayer shooting video game based on a firstperson shooter. It was developed by Game Insight and released on the 18th of May in the year 2017.it is available to play on devices like iOS, Kindle, and Android.

The Gameplay of Guns of Boom

The Guns of Boom, shooting video game is a multiplayer game. Meaning, multiplayer players can participate and play the game at once. One can play with their friends and also with people from all over the globe with an internet connection. In this firstperson shooter game, the players are ranked by their levels. The highest level in the game is Level 50, where players level up part by part by gaining experience points by participating in the battles that are proposed in the game. In the multiplayer battles, trophies are won and lost, just like in real life instances. The shooters (players) are divided into two teams, each of these teams are given four players. The gameplay consists of a time span of five minutes for each battle. The team of shooters that finish with the highest points are given the winners position.

The Guns of the boom is likely one of the most subtle first person shooter games. Even so, we have few aspects of playing the game.

How to use the Guns of Boom hack apk?

The Guns of Boom cheats are quite easy to access. It is not that difficult to play them on the video game. The developers of the games have capitalized majority of their work hour into making the Guns of Boom cheats as easy as possible so that nontechie gamers can access them with no hassle. Upon accessing the cheats, you will notice a considerable amount of increase in the number of gold and gun bucks the Guns of Boom cheats can yield. You just need to follow five easy steps to go ahead and acquire the Guns of Boom cheats.

First Step

The first thing you need to do is to click on the links, which appears on the website of the game to access the Guns of Boom cheats online

Second Step

Next, you are to enter your username in the cheat option page when asked for it

Third Step

After the username is provided, you will be asked to choose the platform or, device and operating system in which you will be playing the game. Enter the platform name (Android or iOS)

Fourth Step

You will be given an option to choose the required amount of Gold and Gunbucks. Enter the amount you wish to generate.

Fifth Step

The last step is actually, where you click on the ‘Generate’ option to garner all the resources you have been wishing to play with and use in the game.

Some prominent features are:

The game has easy and natural controls

The game consists of distinct and bright 3D models in distinct tones for refreshing liveliness

There are different guns to avail from for each game

The battles are dynamic to engage in

Well, this is all for the game Guns of Boom. The gameplay is simple and the game has a user-friendly interface. It is easy to download and install. Give it a try.

Garena Free Fire is an intense battle game

The game Garena Free Fire is an intense battle game in which the player apparently declares a war against a number of 50 players. The primary aim of the game is that the player should be able to survive the battle and be the last player to stand. The game has been significantly popular among the gamers all over the world. This is because the level of graphics and the indepth details in which the game has been defined has made the game a popular choice. Moreover, the game Garena Free Fire demands the attention of the player along with the use of his sharp reflexes. This enhances the gaming skills of the players.

The unique features of the game

The game Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds have certain unique features, which has resulted in the popularity of the game. The challenges that are faced by the player during playing the game make the game more interesting and hold the attention of the players for a longer period. A player can easily unlock the different levels of the game by following the Garena Free Fire cheats can be listed down as follows:

The player should drop the old attachments once he is able to find the new ones. This means that when the player finds a brand new attachment for one of the guns, then the player will be able to find an arrow over the new attachment. Clicking on the arrow the player will be able to equip the new attachment, which will result in the old attachment being unequipped. The backpack that has been carried by the player should be emptied from time to time in order to remove the unnecessary attachments.

The player should try to avoid the exposure. This means that he should not be in the open for too much time. Moreover, the areas that are surrounded by buildings should be avoided strictly. This is because the player roaming around in open spaces or spaces that are surrounded by the buildings will make him an easy target for the opponent players. Moreover, the player should sprint between the open spaces and make the fullest utilization of the objects in order to avoid the detection by the opponent players.

The player should also understand the different types of ammo that should be used for the different types of guns. It is a common doubt that the player will in all probabilities think that he will not need the ammo for the guns that he does not possess. But it is advisable that the player should collect the ammos for the guns that he does not possess. This is because the player will be constantly searching for new guns. Moreover, if the gamer chooses to upgrade the guns then it will result in an entirely new gun, which will result in the utilization of the collected ammos.


The minimap, which is presented in the game, helps the player to locate the threats. The player can make use of the minimap by searching for the red dots or flashes which indicates the direction from which the enemy will be arriving. On observing the red dots or the flashes the player will be able to decide whether to fight or to flee.

Win the battle and be the last person to survive

The primary motive of the game is that the player should survive until the end of the game and be the last person to survive. So, in order to win the game, the player should not only be patient but also should keep in mind the tips and tricks that have been provided. Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds is an action game that has been developed for people who love to fight and win the game of life.

Rules of 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a very popular game which is played all around the world. You can compete with millions of people who are there to beat you with the stick. You can play this game on both single and double player mode. The game starts with 16 balls one cue ball and 15 object balls. All you have to do is pocket the ball. Though it may sound easy, it is very difficult when it comes to playing it as video games. Because playing a motion sensor game is quite difficult for a beginner. Once you start playing, you will achieve more degree of concentration, skill, and tactics. So let’s see what the rules of 8 Ball Pool game are.

Rules of this game

Equipment and players: There will be a table available in the game which can be of various sizes. The game has 16 balls which comprise of 7 types of striped balls, 7 type of solid was, cue balls which are white and only one black ball.

Aiming: When you will aim in this game, you will have to do it quickly because there will be a clock that will track the time. If you consume a lot of time in one shot, then you can miss the other one. So always make it up a quick shot.You can also use the aim option which will help you as a guide during the initial stages.

Object: 8 ball pool is known as a pocket game for billiards. So for winning the game, you should legally put all the 8 balls into the pocket.

Break: The player who will break during the first match will be chosen randomly, and then all the players will be selected according to turn.

Racing: As all the 15 balls will be arranged in a shape of a triangle so there will be a ball in the foremost position. The rest of the ball will be randomly placed.

Matches: It takes a lot of dedication and skills for becoming a skilled player in this game. But at first, you will need to learn all the rules of this game. You can play the game against one player all you can play with other players as well as in tournaments. If you want more challenges, then you can try that tournament. For this, you will have to click on the screen where the tournament option is available. But if you want to play a one on one match, then you will have to put some more coins for unlocking new locations.

Currency: Every game has their currency or resources. This game has two different types of currency one is the pool cash, and the other is the pool coins. Pool coins are the main currency of this game, and you can easily use them for joining this game as well as buy more pool cues, chat packs and table patterns. You can open the pool cash by purchasing from the pool shop, and it can help you to buy some more table patterns and cues. You can easily obtain these coins with the spinning wheel where you can get near about 50000 coins, 8 lucky cues, and scratch cards. You can also earn more coins after 30 minutes just by using a cheat tool or the like, I did it and I got 8 ball pool coins easily.

You can also try the 8 ball pool cheats for easily winning some of the beginner levels. But you need a proper strategy to win the game. Because cheats can only help you to get more resources but spend them in the right way will depend on the player.

Emotes which are used in Clash Royale

Emotes makes the game more interesting for the players. If you are playing Clash Royale game, there will be certain emotes that will appear on your screen, and you should know what it stands for. Clash Royale is a very popular game developed by the supercell that has developed Clash of Clans. There are various things which make the game an addictive one. If you start playing this game within some minutes, you will realize how addictive it is, and for playing this game, you need to strategize properly and not spend your resources in the beginning. So let’s look into what are the emotes which will appear on your screen.

Emotes used in this game – Best clash royale tips

Thumbs: Whenever this emotes will appear then it will be a positive sign which will indicate that it is a great move. It may also indicate that the clan mates are respecting you and telling you that you are one of there are good friends.

Angry: This angry emote will also have some signs which will show how disappointing the game was and if a player is not giving their full potential.

Crying: Crying will indicate a sad face which will indicate a terrible performance.

Laughing: Whenever you will give an unexpected and hilarious performance, this will appear. It will indicate that the outcome was quite unusual and you both were unable to do anything other than laugh.

Good luck: This emotes before the beginning of the game. And it also shows a very positive sign from both the teams where they indicate that they are playing the game for having fun. And sometimes it can also be a challenge of beating the other opponent.

Well played: Whenever you will skillfully play the game then this emotes will acknowledge the prowess and indicate that everyone is impressed.

Wow: An amazing game will make this emote appear on your screen. Sometimes it also indicates some negative comments if your opponent is telling that you were lucky enough to win this game because you didn’t deserve to win.

Thanks: This emote indicates that they appreciate your civility and decorum. It indicates that you are a good person. And sometimes the opponent also use that emote when you lose the game, so they indicate that they are thankful that you have lost yourself.

Good game: Whenever the two players enjoy the game this emote will appear. An intense match can also make this emote to appear. Sometimes opponent sends the emote to show that they have won the game.

Oops: Whenever you will be making a bad decision, then this emote will appear.

These will help you to communicate in Clash Royale. But what makes this game more interesting is a tough competitor. Try to participate in more chests for earning resources to go further in this game. And up gradation is the only way to win over your opponent.

Know about your farm when you play Hay Day

Hay Day is a perfect farming game where the animals never falter, and the sun shines over all along. The main important part of the game is how one would arrange the farm and make it work. The game is all about farming and how well do you do it with purchase of machines, harvest the crop and make your trading. The main aim of the game is to harvest all types of crop available by unlocking them. You can use Hay Day Diamonds tricks to unlock the levels faster.

The Farm:

Trees Bushes and Fields:

The players have the option of choosing where they want to grow crops. They can select any plot and set up the field. They can grow any fruits or vegetables according to what level they are. The players get a new field for new experience level till like level 49. There is no limitation to the field.


There are quite a lot of buildings on the farm:

A farmhouse for checking the achievements.

The use of mailbox is for receiving letters from other players online or your friends playing the game. You can also browse through the challenges.

You can check the ads from Daily Dirt in the newspaper mailbox.

You have options for setting up a roadside shop where you can sell your goodies, all your farmhouse products.

You will need riverboats and trucks which will help you in completing the orders from other town and transporting it your town.

There are also storehouses where you may store the harvested crops, other supplies and products.

Animal shelters are present which is used for keeping the animals and raising them.

Mines are there from where you can extract coal and other minerals.

Leaderboard to checkpoints

Fishing boat for going fishing in the lake.


Production building is also important where the production of the final products takes place.

Helpers house to hire Rose and Ernest.

Farm Characters:

Mr. Wicker is the one who guides you through the game when you start playing it. He is a talking scarecrow.

Rose: A farm helper who stays in the cliff above the farm.

Ernest: he is also a farm helper who stays in the cliff above the farm.

Visitors: Five nonplayer characters come to the farm to visit it.


There are a lot of items for you to decorate your farms with, creating paths and fences. The first thing is unlocked when you have reached the experience level 8.


On playing the game, you have access to more supplies which will help you with the expansion of the farm. This is achieved at level 22. Hay Day Hack techniques help you play the game smoothly.

Edit Mode:

Once the player has reached the level 25, they can use the layout edit mode in which they can completely change the look of the farm.

A tip for the beginners, stock up all the land clearing equipment as you would want to have room for animal pens and new machines and once you are expert you can use Hay Day Hack.